Customer relationship management (CRM) integration is our teams specialist area. Pixl8 has successfully delivered over 50 projects which included CRM integration ranging from Access and other bespoke databases, through to more enterprise class CRMs like Microsoft Dynamics where we have 10+ projects alone and Salesforce.  As a result, we’ve become quite the expert!

The methodology we use is based on establishing a clear data contract with either the vendor or owner of the back office platform so that we set clear lines of responsibility and support.

Deep integration is vital to enable flexible use of data to drive personalised user experiences. The typical offerings providing by a CRM vendor to address so called online portals are creatively lacking and provide a disjointed and ineffective user experience.

Our own middleware ensures that no matter what system you are using, data is synchronised between platforms at regular intervals or in real time, with granular controls over different data sets, this provides the peace of mind that data is reliable while enabling the creative teams to focus on what they do best.