We have dedicated User Experience experts who can utilise an array of techniques to make sure your website speaks to your audiences and solves the problems that your users or members experience. Here’s a breakdown of what we offer.

Google Analytics report

Analysis of Google Analytics for your current site helps identify areas that show room for improvement in terms of the objectives of your users. Focusing on these areas could help increase engagement with users and potentially increase revenue.


Collecting responses from your users to understand their needs. We Formulate appropriate and non-leading questions, working with you to finalise and send out surveys using industry standard software.


One on one interviews with users will always yield insightful results. The responses may contradict or support the assumptions of stakeholders within the business. Unbiased but relevant questions will encourage users to naturally divulge their feelings. People love to be asked questions and will tell you a lot of information about themselves and how they think they will interact with a digital product.


Having studied the responses from interviews and/or surveys, we look at grouping similar responses and developing personas for the key users. Later, our prototypes are verified against the personas we have created.

User Flow diagrams

We document key user journeys in flow diagrams to illustrate our thinking. We’re experienced in working with very complicated user flows. A complex event booking journey or a new e-learning course are just the sort of thing we love to get our teeth stuck into.

Mapping things out prevents any disconnect between ideas and a successful end product.

Information Architecture

How do we classify the information on the site? What content should be grouped and structured in a meaningful hierarchy? We work through card sorting exercises, Google Analytics reports and the responses from user interviews or surveys to make informed decisions about how information is organised on the site.

Wireframing / Prototyping

New designs first need to be sketched and wireframed to decide out where elements of the page will need to be positioned. We then use prototyping software to put together user journeys in a clickable, high-fidelity prototype version of the site before a single line of code has been written.

User Testing

We help you recruit unbiased users and set up user testing sessions. We do this to gauge whether all the results of our research, workshops and prototyping are in tune with users expectations and behaviour.

Heuristic Analysis

Scoring the effectiveness of key processes and interactions against recognised criteria will inform priorities when considering upgrades to existing features. This process will identify improvements such as error prevention and how to make interactions more intuitive.

Findings Report

We can help you present facts to key stakeholders and communicate rationale for only including features that are required by users. This will save you money and allow you to only build revenue-generating digital products whre user needs are at the heart of each design decision.