Our Products

Our products have been developed to support membership and subscription focussed organisations through implementation of a unified digital platform at the heart of their operations, including Website, CRM, self-service functionality as well as marketing, events and other business management tools ideally combined with organisation-wide measurements.

Content management system

We have invested over 20 years in developing and refining our CMS platform to be flexible, customisable and extendable. As a result, our clients tell us our system gives them the confidence to plan ahead digitally.


Are you a membership organisation looking to boost member engagement, whilst optimising the overall digital experience? ReadyMembership is the feature-rich solution designed to enable year-round connectivity and swifter achievement of organisational goals.


Understanding your customer base and anticipating their needs relies on a strong data culture and dynamic systems. Achieve these aims with our data platform – we can tailor both Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Custom Data Platform (CDP) solutions for your organisation.

Eventfolio extras

Explore the enhancements that we’ve made to features in our events management platform.

Message Pipes

Our email system delivers much more than your standard off-the-shelf ESP solution. With exceptional data-driven functionality, Message Pipes makes sophisticated automation and personalisation possible.

Pixl8's awards system

Acknowledging the standout moments for individuals, teams and organisations has many benefits from reward and recognition to brand appreciation. Pixl8 Group’s eventfolio gives you the digital toolkit so you can launch, run and evaluate your awards programme smoothly and with enhanced impact.


Are you a charity focused on strategic, effective, and efficient organisational delivery? ReadyCharity gives you all the digital tools you need to build cause-awareness, grow fundraising income, and deliver hyper-personalised supporter experiences.

Our services


A bespoke intranet can lead to improved collaboration and communication between your staff members. We’ll get to the root of your business requirements to design a responsive site with custom functionality that is tailored to your vision.