Intranets that unlock productivity

We design and develop personalised intranets that lead to improved collaboration and communication between your staff members.

Intranets are rarely just about content sharing; so we’ll get to the root of your business requirements and create a system that makes working easier, as a bridge between teams and content. Using our experience in integration, we can design and develop an intranet that communicates with your company calendar, Sharepoint document stores or HR systems

Some of the features we offer in our comprehensive Intranet Connect system include:

Document and resource management

A fast way to share and access documents, improving internal communication and encouraging collaboration.

Private social network

Not sure about using Skype or Slack? No problem - a company social network with give you a range of communication tools, while staying firmly under your control.

Fully searchable staff profiles

A fast way to build your digital workplace and  access team details.

Document collaboration with versioning control

An easy to use content management system for your documents and control over the edits made to them.

Responsive design

Full access for those who aren’t deskbound- based in an environment where your employees aren’t sat in front of a desk all day? No problem - we’ll create a system that works across mobile, tablet and desktop or even in hazardous mobile environments.

Tailored for humans

Unlike off-the-shelf intranets, we make ours with people in mind. Trust us when we say it makes a big difference.

Single sign on between intranet and other systems

We’ll add in small functions that will save your team time, every single day.

Integration with shared calendars or customer relationship management systems

All of the tools you need to improve your online working environment.

Full text searching documents

Making it easy to locate the information you need and then share it with others, whether this information is stored within the intranet or from external sources such as Sharepoint

Get in touch with our team to discuss your intranet needs - we’d love to build you something amazing.