Pixl8 has been producing content managed websites since 2001, all this agency experience is baked into our platform and it combines the powerful features you would expect from a mid tier commercial system with unequaled speed of development.

PresideCMS has an enterprise pedigree and has powered sites and applications for many leading brands include 2 of the Fortune 10 and currently is in use on 100+ sites.

The system is well suited to those who wish to provide delegated content management to a wider team while maintaining central oversight. The flexibility of the system is not limited to the visual design which has no limitations imposed by the CMS but also the flexibility to completely tailor the editing experience to suit the organisation's needs.

Why PresideCMS?

Because it’s awesome. As the CMS landscape has changed over the years we have periodically reviewed the decision to build, invest and use this platform and believe that in comparison to other leading open systems it offers the following benefits.

  • Far greater customisation
  • Faster speed of development
  • Fluid and fast user interface
  • Greater consistency and general code quality
  • A commitment to ensuring sites can be continually upgraded to the latest releases
  • Commercial support SLA available
  • A nice place for both users and developers to be

We are starting to see third parties downloading, contributing utilising the platform for their own development, this is a mix of industries and includes in-house teams and agencies