From our top tips for digital strategy development, to unpicking how the latest technical solutions can help realise your digital ambitions. Our resource library brings together all the latest industry insights and digital tips from the Pixl8 team.

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CDP – why it’s a game-changer for marketers

When clients use a Customer Data Platform, there is the potential to realise several benefits. Here’s a few of the most impactful:

Why a rules engine is the key to move beyond simple personalisation

A custom rules engine is the single most important component for personalisation. Here's what you need to know.

How we make personalisation happen

Pixl8’s Jonathan McLellan presents a feature-filled session on how to make personalisation happen. An eclectic mix of advice and insights, from strategy and planning frameworks to tactics on implementing quick wins.

Should a solid CRM be at the centre of your website project?

Collecting rich audience data is the key to delivering more relevant and engaging user experiences.

Your guide to closing the data divide

In this free guide, we explore the key elements of a comprehensive but flexible digital infrastructure.

Use insights to deliver change

Data is powerful and can provide you with confidence for your business decisions. To make sure your insights are sound, it’s vital to know what your metrics mean and how to interpret them in your organisation’s context. Read on for our top tips to capitalise on Google Analytics data.

Understanding the “new normal” of your members

Your members’ experience is informed and enhanced by the data you hold. In this changed way of working as well as living, there is an opportunity to find out more about your members. 

Digital mediocrity will not do!

The Pixl8 team seconded the motion to drive Digital Excellence at Memberwise’s conference on 31 October.

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