From our top tips for digital strategy development, to unpicking how the latest technical solutions can help realise your digital ambitions. Our resource library brings together all the latest industry insights and digital tips from the Pixl8 team.

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Raising your game: How to align culture with digital

Join Alex Skinner, CEO and Co-Founder of Pixl8, at this keynote to understand how you can make profound and lasting changes at this years #memcom20.


Webinar - Boosting member retention from the start

Discover the dos and don’ts of a great welcome programme and how to make sure your members stay with you.


Top 10 reasons to choose Pixl8

As a team, we love supporting our clients on a diverse range of projects. With a shared vision and purpose, we deliver digital solutions that meet member needs as well as business objectives. 


Just launched: A new website for memcom

The Pixl8 team is really proud to announce the launch of a new website and digital platform for memcom.


Past webinar: Personalised journeys: What you need to engage members

Learn about strategies to capture insights, drive digital member experiences and why it’s now more important than ever.


Past webinar: Protecting your association in times of Covid-19

Learn about cybersecurity best practice for associations, and why it’s now more important than ever.


Understanding the “new normal” of your members

Your members’ experience is informed and enhanced by the data you hold. In this changed way of working as well as living, there is an opportunity to find out more about your members. 


Get more out of: Email Marketing

Email still leads the pack as one of the most effective marketing tools out there. Discover our tips for optimising your email marketing strategy and getting the best out of Preside.

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