From our top tips for digital strategy development, to unpicking how the latest technical solutions can help realise your digital ambitions. Our resource library brings together all the latest industry insights and digital tips from the Pixl8 team.

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Your spare device can bridge the digital divide

With an estimated 17% of schoolchildren not having access to a digital device, Pixl8's CEO Alex Skinner shares some tips on how your old laptop can make all the difference.


2021 - Truly flexible working

At Pixl8 we try to be as flexible as possible and understand that delivering against a scope is the starting point for success. We are making sure that our products are flexible enough to meet your business needs.


New ReadyMembership client: The Institute of Conservation

We are delighted to announce that Pixl8 will be working with The Institute of Conservation to deliver a brand new ReadyMembership platform.


What is 2021 going to look like?

Set a benchmark for 2021. Join our new year’s poll to share your expectations and aspirations. Together, we’ll gauge what the coming months might look like for membership organisations.


The New Year ReadyMembership resolution

Many membership organisations have been seeing the benefits of ReadyMembership. See how the all-in-one digital platform has helped our clients, and what it could mean for your organisation.


Award-winning membership portal for The Bar Council

We at Pixl8 are pleased that the delivery of our MyBar membership portal has earnt our client a prestigious AAE award.


2020 in stories and pictures

As the year comes to an end, we share our personal highlights of 2020.


Just launched: A new website for AGBIS

We recently worked with AGBIS to create a dynamic new website that enables them to better serve school governing bodies in the independent sector.

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