Get set for the summer

People tend to behave in a digitally different way in the summer months and this summer is anticipated to be even more unusual. 

While some membership schemes that have a sports or outdoor focus may seem peaks of activity, many professional and corporate models are likely to witness drops in engagement.

At Pixl8 we like to look at things from the point of the individual and we would recommend a change in approach over these summer months to show empathy and demonstrate your helpfulness to your audiences. 

We have pulled together these top tips to get your points across in a user friendly way that keeps you front of mind:

Summer reading

While there will be limited appetite for reading anything too detailed; top tips, summary guides and testimonials are recommended summer reading. 

Hear all about it - podcasts and video

Even more accessible; the opportunity to listen to popular podcasts and videos. Do think about what you are sharing and focus on your hottest topics and most motivational speakers. 

Follow, follow, follow

A pleasingly simple request is to promote your social channels and one by one so as not to overwhelm and boost take-up. Cross  promote social channels and plug via email. When people are on the move, you can be ever-present. 

All about you

People can be motivated by what interests them and how they are seen by others. Encourage your contacts to review their photos, descriptions and interests ahead of the autumn.

August nudges

Help your members get ready for the autumn season when things tend to pick up. Provide them with your top tips to get started; pull together your top 5 tips to demonstrate how membership benefits can be drawn on to help them, their teams and organisations.

Recommended summer reading:


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