Memcom 2021 round-up

Memcom 2021: Digital need to know 

In these extraordinary times the need to connect, understand and collaborate has never been more important. Considering these pressing and contemporary human needs puts membership upfront and central.  

This year’s Memcom conference, delivered online over 3 days, gave membership organisations the opportunity to explore key and pressing themes around the purpose and potential of membership organisations, strategy and sustainability.

At Pixl8 we have been both anticipating and responding to our clients’ business and digital needs since 2001 and we have seen the acceleration of digital focus over the last year.  

With organisations needing to ensure that their membership propositions were responsive to changing needs, our consultants Luke Holderness and Jonny McLellan delivered a session on how design techniques can boost membership numbers. They considered how to set goals, understand audiences, deliver engaging journeys and overcome barriers.

To close the conference, our Managing Director Alex Skinner and our Marketing Strategist Lucy Conlan reported on the emerging business and digital trends in the 2021 Membership Forecast. 

Drawing on survey responses from a wide range of membership professionals, they reported on the rise of online membership resources and events and considered what digital transformation really means at organisation and member level.

Lucy Conlan sums it up:  “Membership organisations are at a key stage in their development as changes to working practices and people’s appetite for digital solutions means that digital improvements need to be a constant not a destination”.

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