Spotlight: How did ISOUG increase engagement with their members?

We recently delivered a great new website for the ISUOG. Like many of our clients, they are a membership organisation; they have over 13,000 members in 127 countries in fact. So, what best online practices, marketing techniques, and appealing features might you like to know about in the context of your own projects?

I’ve outlined the key points below. But, we also have a fuller case study here.

  • Clearly defined outcomes. This project started with a group workshop to determine the full requirement of the new site. Objectives included increasing engagement, personalisation, high-quality information, interactive experiences, strong search facilities, self-service membership features with a single sign-on experience and finally, of course, room to grow with additional membership benefits.
  • Content migration and management. Bringing silos of content together with a uniform taxonomy, effective tagging, and permissions as well as embracing high quality and interactive learning formats such as on-demand video, scientific journals, and articles.
  • CRM and system integration. Replacing their customer relationship management system with Microsoft Dynamics while simplifying all other third-party tools and integrating everything seamlessly.
  • Microsites. These support education, training and ultrasound availability in underserved communities around the world. User-friendly for volunteer doctors while able to encourage online visitors to donate.
  • Vibrant and social savvy. Rich with images and video and with a strong brand identity, the site integrates seamlessly with social media platforms.
  • Great user experience. Accessible everywhere, there’s more scrolling, less clicking, and a user-friendly login facility. A flexible CMS provides a straightforward admin experience too.

This growing global community needs access to a broad range of educational resources for training all professional levels. The new website at has become a powerful tool for doing that … and more.

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