Pixl8 at the Associations UK Congress and Expo 2019

As a strategic partner of the Association of Association Executives (AAE) in all things digital, we have been supporting their annual UK Conference in Birmingham and their Association Executive Awards 2019.

Having worked on AAE’s website, event management and awards solution, we were delighted to see the result of our work come to life at the event. With this blog post, we’re looking back at 2 vibrant days that left delegates motivated to do more.

The state of ‘digital transformation’

With two interactive expert briefings, Pixl8’s CEO Alex Skinner discussed steps to assess an organisation’s digital maturity. A buzzword like ‘digital transformation’ often leaves organisations wondering about its meaning. At Pixl8, we spend much of our time looking at:

  • Ease of use and capability of existing systems
  • Integration of your systems with each other
  • Availability and reporting on data
  • Use of data to create personalised experiences
  • Scalability of your current digital ecosystem


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