5 top tips for successful hybrid events

With the huge increase in online events, conferences and now hybrid events - the need to explore topics and share opinions has never been more vibrant. While most membership organisations have embraced the new opportunities, there is always the potential to optimise in one or all of these key areas: 

1. Choose your topic

Knowing what the focus of your event or conference is, is key to making it happen. People have an inbuilt love of understanding what’s new and want to see the latest innovations. They also like to be inspired and maybe even copy best practice; imitation is the sincerest form of flattery! Consider what’s important right now; inspiration, guidance or reassurance. 

2. Assess your audience

Knowing if your existing customer data is suffecient or if you need to seek new audiences is key to considering event risk. If you have established patterns of event attendance and a sizeable base you are likely to have greater confidence. If you are looking at pioneering territory, do factor in extra budget into your plans. 

3. Set your agenda

For a single event, the structure of talk, panel discussion and Q&A options may suffice. For all-day events and conferences across a number of days get content themes established early to give signposting to potential attendees. Giving events attention-grabbing or thought-provoking titles is business critical and especially works well on social channels. 

4. Nudge and monitor

Allow yourself ideally two months lead-in for single events and three months or longer for conferences. Use email to power response from your existing contacts but then restrict solus activity to those openers and clickers as the campaign progresses. Use paid and organic social media for event awareness and key announcements. Develop your tone from 'we’re informing' to 'secure your place' to 'last chance' to get the balance right. Make sure those speakers self-promote too. 

5. Digital delivery

Max out on all things digital - get people to show their interest and sign up for event alerts. Once they have booked their place keep them updated each week and get the event hashtag to them in good time for the event. Use nudges and automations to boost their event engagement to place their questions or find a solution from an expert. 

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