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The Whitehall & Industry Group

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The Whitehall and Industry Group (WIG) helps leaders in all sectors in the UK come together in a safe space to learn from each other, discuss mutual challenges, and find the synergies that would help them work more effectively together. The end goal is better business, better government and ultimately a better society.


The previous version of the WIG website was visually dated and did not meet the user's needs in a number of ways. For an organisation delivering over 100 high profile events each year, these were not easily navigable due to the method of delivery via iFrames from another system. Search rankings were also hit hard by the content served in iFrames.


Pixl8 redesigned the site to be clear and simple and allow users to see key events and search for opportunities relevant to them based on topic and sector. Booking events is simple and only requires a couple of clicks for registered users with the ability to cancel events also built in. Registration is easy and based on the domain of the user's email address along with delegated access to PA’s.

Key website features

  • Fully responsive design for multiple devices
  • Organisational membership model with member organisation detection on registration
  • Contact connection creation for PA management of users
  • Online event booking process
  • Online job application process
  • Searchable knowledge resource library
  • Tagging and personalisation
  • Fully integrated website with Microsoft Dynamics
    • Organisations
    • Contacts (including PA management)
    • Events / event bookings
    • Job vacancies / vacancy applications


Take a look at the new Whitehall & Industry group website design at and see for yourself.

Whether you have established requirements or need assistance in creating a business case for digital, we’re happy to help. Contact us for more information