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Royal Microscopical Society

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Pixl8 were excited to get the chance to design a website for the Royal Microscopical Society.

Royal Microscopical Society have been at the forefront of microscopy since 1839 and is dedicated to furthering the science of microscopy.  It does that through a wide range of activities that support research and education in microscopy, and through enabling microscopists to make advances and developments in microscopy, cytometry and imaging.  


Visually the website offers the opportunity to take users into a tiny world so we wanted the website design to make the most of the images available.


The end result is a visually engaging website full of interesting images and informative video that supports the Royal Society going forwards.

Users can search and book events, search a library of the society’s magazine ‘infocus’, browse content by science section and find documents via a searchable knowledge library.

Through the website, the society also provides an important educational programme for schools that consists of a microscopes and learning framework. The location and reach of the activity kits is plotted onto an an interactive map as well as a visual chart to show how kits are being utilised across the country.

Key website features

  • Fully responsive design that works across multiple devices
  • Visually engaging design that showcase microscopic imagery
  • Showcase outreach activities
  • Online magazine articles
  • Searchable resource library
  • Online event bookings
  • Membership renewal with online payment
  • Online journal integration with the Wiley online library
  • Interactive maps and data visualisation
  • Full integration with Microsoft Dynamics is planned for phase 2


Take a look at the new RMS website design at and see for yourself.

Whether you have established requirements or need assistance in creating a business case for digital, we’re happy to help. Contact us for more information