Web design

Well-considered design underpins an engaging digital experience for your audience. We combine thoughtful creative with an intuitive user experience giving you meaningful results.

Web development

Robust technical foundations are key to every great website. We've delivered over 150 digital platforms that are flexible, scalable and successfully integrated with client’s CRMs, ESPs and beyond.

Pixl8 consultancy

We can work with you to achieve your goals by providing guidance on your digital strategy, UX, conversion, marketing channels and creative approach. This gives your team everything they need to make informed decisions to optimise your digital channels.

Systems integration

Interpreting and unlocking the potential of data is at the heart of our high-impact approach. We make it easy for our clients to manage customer data effectively in real-time, so they can deliver a highly personalised audience experience.

UX research and design

We can offer you qualitative and quantitative insights including analytics, customer surveys and persona development. Our UX and design team translate research insights into simple, logical user journeys.

Bespoke software

Our powerful development platform, Preside, is able to support rapid, agile and iterative software development. This is combined with rigorous testing to deliver robust, tailored software solutions that are always on-budget and on time.

Digital analytics

We can work with you to refine and define your goals and metrics prior to website build and development. We can also set up and monitor your website’s performance, to build your knowledge and support you to improve performance over time.

Content management

We have invested over 19 years in developing and refining our CMS platform to be flexible, customisable and extendable. As a result, our clients tell us our system gives them the confidence to plan ahead digitally.

Digital strategy

Developing and maintaining a digital strategy is an essential step to ensure your website or project will support digital transformation and deliver on goals for organisational growth.