Remote but Connected

We want to keep you connected, empowered, and inspired too. At Pixl8, we’re fully operational whilst working remotely. This means you can still get in touch with us via all the usual channels, start new projects, and enjoy our strategic insights with no interruption.


For our clients

If you’re a Pixl8 client, be assured the usual lines of communication are open for you. Get in touch with us by raising tickets on Client Portal, and speaking with us via email or phone. 

If you need to book a meeting, we can arrange virtual chats via Zoom, or your video conferencing tool of choice. 

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How to convert online: quick wins in times of rapid change

Are you capitalising on your digital channels to grow and satisfy your members? There is much you can do to optimise your online conversion swiftly and effectively. Hear from Pixl8’s marketing and UX experts to identify quick wins for your organisation and make it shine online.


7 steps to impactful online events

Delivering workshops remotely can be a breeze with the right toolkit and knowledge up your sleeve. In this guide, Digital Consultant Jonathan McLellan takes you through his 7 steps to impactful online events.


Remote working: get ahead of the curve

Seasoned remote worker, or feel like you've been thrown in at the deep end? Whichever camp you fall into, our team have a few tips and tricks to make working from home more productive & comfortable.


Recap: A year in the life of a member

First impressions really do count, so it's important to get things right from the start. Discover the secrets behind boosting Year-1 renewal rates.



Got a project in mind?

Whether you have a full project in mind or just the glimmer of an idea - we’d love to chat. Pixl8 teams are re-tasking to further enhance your digital presence.

Get in touch for a phone call or a video meeting. We can’t provide the coffee right now, but we can get your project off the blocks swifter than ever before. 

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Brain fuel

Just because we’re working remotely doesn’t mean you need to fall out of the loop. Sign up to our monthly dose of digital, The Forward, for invites to online events and digital-first content to keep the ideas and motivation going. 

Plus, keep an eye on our Resources section for virtual event opportunities and all the latest from Pixl8. 

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Ready Membership

Are you a membership organisation looking to boost member numbers and engagement digitally? ReadyMembership is the feature-rich solution designed to enable year-round connectivity and enhanced UX.

Create a Community

Want to create an online community? Look no further: we can integrate Groups into your site. Features include options for discussions, special interest groups, and member lists.

Our services

Zoom for eventfolio

Want to make virtual events a reality? Zoom for eventfolio makes delivering Zoom webinars and virtual events smart and simple. All this from inside your usual eventfolio interface.