Integration experts

Pixl8 has a great deal of CRM integration experience, integrating the websites we design and deliver, with Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Although we're constantly integrating with various 3rd parties such as CPD systems, course databases and payment gateways, MS Dynamics CRM is becoming a popular choice. 

Because of this, we've created our own connectors which provide an integration layer and deal with the data syncing and transfer of data to and from Dynamics CRM.  This approach provides additional security and vastly simplifies the process and reliability of integration.

Integrating your website with Dynamics has the potential to radically improve the offerings and overall experience for your users - let them update their contact details online.  In turn this can also lead to increased business effiicencies - no more mundane tasks like importing / exporting CSVs!

If you'd like to find out more about the benefits of Pixl8 developing and integrating your website with MS Dynamics - please contact us.