Pixl8 at 20 - your stand out moments

At Pixl8 we’re celebrating with our clients, team and beyond, 20 years of digital ambitions, innovation and delivery. 

Since the agency has launched there has been much to celebrate. Our founding partners Alex Skinner and Neil Rosewarn are very much part of the client experience working with a dynamic team of 70. 

As an agency we owe our growth and success to our 200+ clients who are drawn from the membership, B2B, health, charity and cultural sectors. 

Over this time we have listened, persuaded and advised. We’ve built many websites, enabled automations and personalisations, online communities and contributed to the growth and digital engagement of many organisations.

We’ve enjoyed meeting clients and people from across the sector - it’s been a blast!

We’d love to hear from as many of you as possible - share your standout digital moments with us and we’ll spread the word. 

It’s important to celebrate the positives more than ever.