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We know the membership crowd

Pixl8 knows a lot about membership organisations, not too surprising, seeing we work with over 50 of them!

Pixl8 works with a diverse list of clients from a variety of sectors, but there's one we seem to get involved with the most: membership.  Our experience over the past decade has led us to now work with over 50 membership organisations covering associations, trade unions and chartered institutes.  Our specialist membership products and services include:

membership iconMembership WebConnect...
Membership WebConnect is built upon our fantastic WebConnect product, and includes lots of great membership focussed functionality.


design iconMembership web design...
First impressions are often everything, hence why we invest a lot into design for every project, to help make sure your website stands out from the crowd.


integration iconMembership database integration...
Pixl8 have built up a load of experience integrating with a variety of membership databases, so much so we'd say we're integration experts!

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