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Doing our bit to save the world

We're environmental super heroes here at Pixl8!

Recycling has become an obsession...
All the paper, cardboard, steel and aluminum we use is recycled.  We even make sure food isn't wasted, that's what fridges are for, no?

Paper is so last century...
Where possible, we keep printing to a minimum, plus all our invoices and nearly all proposals are emailed rather than posted.

Commuting should be an adventure...
Cars have their place for road trips, but not as daily transportation devices!  Almost all of the Pixl8 team either walk, cycle or use public transport to get to work, providing valuable opportunities to make new friends.

Switching off...
Let's face it, not turning something off after you've finished using it is quite simply LAZY!  No one at Pixl8 is lazy, hence why we always turn off lights and computers when leaving the office.

Treating ourselves...
Pixl8 is 110% anti-disposable.  We like to treat ourselves to real cutlery and glasses, none of this horrible plastic mumbo jumbo.  Also, our weekly fruit box (which keeps us healthy) is organic, and where possible, fair trade.

Environmental Superheros