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SEO & web analytics made easy

We can help make your website as easy to find and keep track of, as an elephant playing hide and seek.

All websites developed by Pixl8 are set up to work with Google Analytics.  Our WebConnect CMS package has also been built with SEO in mind, allowing the likes of page titles, meta data and image alt text to be added with ease. Assistance from our SEO partners, means we can help with:

Keyword mapping...
Using dedicated tools such as Wordtracker, we can advise on the most effective keyword variations to use across your entire website.

Site architecture planning...
We'll help improve your search rankings by assisting with the structure of your website, ensuring it's laid out in a clear and logical manner.

Traffic and search engine analysis...
Make sense of all those graphs and statistics when viewing dashboards within Google Analytics.

Pay per click management...

Our PPC management ensures only truly focused and targeted campaigns are run, achieving maximum returns on your investment.

SEO Analytics