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Mobilising for the future

There's no need for a crystal ball to see how important mobile web access is to become in the near future...

The way things are going, mobile web access is set to overtake traditional methods over the next few years. We therefore understand the need to take phones and tablets into consideration when designing and developing our websites. To keep ahead of the game, Pixl8 offer 3 mobile strategy options:

Responsive design for mobile...
Responsive design allows your website to recognise the size of screen it's being viewed upon and will adapt its layout accordingly – truly future proof!

Mobile web apps...
Web apps are downloaded via a phone's web browser, and act just like native apps. Unlike native apps, web apps don't need to be approved first.

Mobile native apps...
Native apps are similar to web apps, but usually offer a more integrated experience and must be downloaded from an app store, like Apple's.  Have a look at the latest iPhone and iPad apps we've developed here.

The future is Mobile