In addition this process was costing DOCET a near fortune, so wished to bring all this media online, allowing instant access to current and past video and audio content.  Pixl8’s third party integration experience came in handy here, delivering DOCET a superb new online training resource for their members.

The Directorate of Optometric Continuing Education and Training (DOCET) is a special Committee that was set up to oversee the management of government funds set aside for the provision of optometric continuing education and training for all UK registered optometrists.  DOCET produces and distributes award-winning distance learning materials, including video and audio e-learning.  DOCET also provides financial assistance to help local optometric groups who want to run their own courses, meetings or events.

The move online was made possible via Brightcove integration, a dedicated video management and streaming service.  The key benefit of using BrightCove is it’s ability to detect user’s bandwidth, then to switch between renditions mid-stream, ensuring smooth playback at the highest quality possible.  Brightcove also includes HTML5 encoding, ensuring full mobile support, allowing members using the likes of iPads and iPhones to view videos on the move.

DOCET staff now have the ability to tag up content, including videos and audio, improving navigation for users.  Dynamic forms also allow members to answer questions around each video, then to submit these to gain further CET points (continued education and training).  A Member’s area houses the majority of this content, allowing access via a GOC number look up.

Have look at new DOCET website.

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