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Integration shouldn't be puzzling

Successful systems integration is about architecture, documentation and following a proven process.

The majority of Pixl8's clients have their websites integrated with a variety of back-office and third party systems.  Pixl8 generally go far beyond the typical online offerings provided by MRM/CRM vendors.  We create deep links with systems, in turn providing advanced functionality such as personalisation and improved business automation.  Although technology is important (don't worry, our advanced projects team have this covered), our key strength is the experience we've built up around systems analysis:

Membership databases...
Whether it's the common systems like Integra, Microsoft Dynamics, E-Target, Protech,Miller tech or Salesforce or a bespoke developed system, we provide deep personalisation, online self service and other data driven services.

Payment platforms...
We integrate with all the common payment providers as well as bespoke Payment systems as part of back-office systems. In addition we have experience of E-Direct debit setup.

Content delivery networks...
When dealing with a truly global audience speed is of the essence we leverage Akamai to insure fast regional delivery

Website Accelerators...
Pixl8 and Facebook have a bit in common we both use VarnishCache a great tool for when a site needs to achieve hyper-scale.

Video platforms...
Brightcove is a best of breed video hosting platform that streams media at an optimum frame rate based on the user's bandwidth and chosen delivery device.

Other systems...
Pixl8 has proven credentials achieving what Vendors have called impossible. Automation can deliver significant Returns and our systems architects use our middleware and our own software products to achieve great results.

Website Intergration

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