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Welcome to our blogs, here you will find the latest musings from the Pixl8 team on industry news, web design and development.

  • CRM integration: Avoiding silos of isolated data CRM integration: Avoiding silos of isolated data

    CRM integration: Avoiding silos of isolated data

    Jonathan McLellan   Posted: 28 January 2014

    Customer Relationship Management systems, commonly referred to as CRMs have been around for a long time.  Although they were once seen as only relevant to large companies with thousands of employees, today their cost and complexity has been reduced making them achievable for smaller organisations. 

    CRMs provide the opportunity to organize and automate marketing, sales and customer service tasks.  Although they offer a great deal of benefits, a number of significant pitfalls exist and should be addressed to ensure you get the most from your CRM.

    When introducing a CRM, it’s easy for it to become ‘just another place to store data’.  Silos of unconnected information are likely to reduce efficiencies, not improve them.  To combat this it’s crucial for a CRM to be implemented in the right way (integrated) and used correctly (by the whole team). 

    Include your whole team

    Firstly, it’s important that the whole team is included and considered when planning a roll out of your new Customer Relationship Management system.  Limiting access and not including all those who genuinely need access to it will lead to the CRM data becoming out of date, and new silos or pockets of data being created elsewhere.  Potential mutiny may then ensue, as different teams claim to have the most up to date information in their respective Excel spreadsheets or Google docs…

    Don’t forget your website

    Secondly, if a lot of your business is done online (for most this is the growing trend) a significant amount of data is likely to be passing through your website from new and existing customers / members.  By integrating your CRM with your website, you can ensure that your website doesn’t become another isolated store of valuable and up to date information.  Connecting your website with your CRM will allow users to update their details online, meaning that when it comes to your marketing campaigns you’ll always have the correct data to hand in your CRM.

    Think outside the box

    Lastly, don’t be tempted to restrict CRM integration to just your website.  Consider all of your other systems that could be integrated with your CRM to provide you with a more joined up approach e.g. event systems, accounting software and customer support portals.  Connecting these together will likely help improve efficiency for employees as well as the overall image of your organisation through consistency and accuracy.

    Choosing the right CRM, setting it up and integrating it can be a daunting prospect.  Fortunately we have loads of experience managing CRM tender processes and even more around successful website CRM integration projects.  Pick our brains here to find out more...

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  • 8 tips for building awareness and engagement in your online community 8 tips for building awareness and engagement in your online community

    8 tips for building awareness and engagement in your online community

    Jessica Keeling   Posted: 08 May 2013

    Pixl8 know how important it is for our clients to create real value for their audiences; rewarding members and creating an engaging online community.

    For the likes of Membership organisations and Higher Education services there is palpable need to create appealing and worthwhile online communities to ensure user loyalty, engagement and enthusiasm. We feel that online communities are vital for acquisition, retention and customer service of members and users. However, how do we get people interested and engaged online?

    Pixl8 has devised 8 tips for building awareness and engagement in your online community

    1. Stellar Content

    As the cliché goes ‘Content is King’, providing content which users want to see is vital to the health and growth of your online community.  People are busy and will ignore content that is not valuable to them, valuable and targeted content will add to the user experience; providing knowledge, enjoyment or practical skills.

    Remember, new content will not only boost loyalty among users by demonstrating your website is up-to-date, it will also help SEO. By providing a steady stream of engaging ‘stellar’ content you are able to continually nurture visitors with practical information and cutting-edge advice.

    Click here for more information about generating the right content.

    2. Positioning

    We know the importance of having a great digital presence and keeping up with the changing times.  For many members, online communication is the easiest way for them to keep in touch with you.

    As an alternative to the established method for managing the membership or customer base it is now possible to use a custom CMS to easily govern communication in your online community. By positioning yourself in this way you are effortlessly able to raise awareness. Now all events, announcements, support documentation, training opportunities and promotional materials have a lot more visibility and are easily accessible.

    3. VIP Treatment

    Entice users into your online community by making information elite. Members who join an online private community want to feel they are getting information that is not available to just anyone. Providing special access to valuable information, discussions and events that your customers or members cannot get anywhere else, makes a superb incentive to join and return often to your online community.

    4. Exclusivity

    The element of exclusivity can also be monetised as a way to boost sales; from an e-commerce point of view, you can use member exclusive events and shops as a tool to significantly increase ROI. Think of exclusive content as a carrot and stick approach without the stick.

    5. Gamify Users

    The concept of gamification is being used more and more online. It is a great way to reward your users and keep them coming back! Virtual status and competition will make the community an addictive part of users’ everyday lives. For example, within Membership Organisations the emerging trend could be used in conjunction with CPD points to promote a feeling of goodwill among your members as you bestow rewards on them, which allow them to gain the respect of their peers and showcase their knowledge.

    To see gamification tactics in use visit Quora, Stackoverflow or Yelp.

    6. Personal Contact and Rewards

    Make your users feel special with personal contact. One easy way to do this is if your website is integrated with your membership database/CRM.  It is possible to track engagement from the point of login and reward member’s with points. You can also spot members who have a low score to find those who are less engaged with your organisation and automatically target them with personal  and bespoke contact to encourage use.

    7. Reward

    In addition to personal contact it is important to reward users. By attending events or gaining qualifications your members are able to see their own growth increase within your community. You can make their efforts tied to discounts, admittance into special groups and more. These kind of benefits drive action and improve member retention and loyalty as your community now offers your members something that others do not.

    8. Keep it simple and easy to use

    It is also essential to keep your website clean, simple and easy to use. Here at Pixl8 we know there is nothing more off putting than a cluttered and unintuitive website. If you want your online community to thrive, keep things simple. Don’t overload users with too much content and make sure the user experience is simple and clear.

    If you want any more information on how to make your online community more accessible and rewarding for your users please do drop us a line and we will be happy to help.

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  • Trade Association Forum - Annual Conference 2012 review Trade Association Forum - Annual Conference 2012 review

    Trade Association Forum - Annual Conference 2012 review

    Jonathan McLellan   Posted: 06 March 2012

    Pixl8 have kicked off this year’s events attendance with a bang, at the Trade Association Forum’s Annual conference.  Our incredible new “Digital Masterpieces” stand was on show for the first time, and certainly grabbed people’s attention!

    The day was a great success, with almost 100 representatives attending from a wide range of trade associations.  Tim and myself were fortunate enough to have lots of thought provoking conversations with a number of the delegates around website design, membership database integration and the benefits of mobile templates.

    In addition to the networking with all the delegates, the talks were really something to write home about.  John Piennar, BBC Radio 5 Live's Chief Political Correspondent was a fantastic and very comical event chair person.  Lord Heseltine’s speech was also a real treat, speaking of his opinions around how trade associations should merge to form larger more influential organisations. This way he believes they would have more lobbying powers when it comes to representing their members on new government policies for example.

    If you’re a trade association and want get involved with the Trade Association Forum, check out their website here for membership details.


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