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Coldfusion and Java Tuning link

Alex Skinner   Posted: 29 December 2006

I moved this from the resources section of the Pixl8 Interactive web site as now we have an externally facing blog it makes more sense for these links to be here.

JRun 4.0: Configuring individual JVM settings for each JRun Server

The Moment of Truth: Tuning Performance in JRun Apps and Environment

JRun 4: General troubleshooting techniques for an unresponsive JRun server

ColdFusion MX: Explanation of Request Timeout and threadWaitTimeout settings

Server settings: the jrun.xml file

ColdFusion MX: Tips for performance and scalability

Frequently Asked Questions about Garbage Collection in the HotspotTM JavaTM Virtual Machine

Tuning Garbage Collection with the 1.4.2 Java[tm] Virtual Machine
(see also Peter Freitag's summary)

Java Tuning White Paper

jvmstat 3.0

ColdFusion Peformance Tuning Presentation

Obtaining a Thread Dump with ColdFusion or JRun running as a Windows Service

JRun Connection Closed Errors

Performance Tuning and Monitoring Coldfusion or JRun


Java Thread and How does it work?

Advanced Debugging In JRun 4

Steven Erat's blog: activeHandlerThreads or Simultaneous Requests: Less is More

Simultaneous Requests in CFMX 7

Keep Library Loaded - Check this box to retain the library in RAM

SeeStack - Parse ColdFusion Thread Dumps Like a Pro!

Request timed out waiting for an available thread to run

Troubleshooting Tips For ColdFusion MX

Help! My ColdFusion MX Server is Slow!!!!

Sarge's blog: CFMX Performance Settings (JRun 50% CPU thread)

Robi Sen's blog: Hung Servers, Java.lang.OutOFMemory errors and Tuning CF JVM

Peter Freitag's blog: Tuning Garbage Collection Outline

ColdFusion Garbage

ColdFusion Memory Usage Stats

Getting ColdFusion Server Metrics

Have you tuned your JVM on ColdFusion MX yet?

CFMX JVM Tuning - The difference between MaxPermSize and Heap Size

Daemonite blog: Maximum JVM heap size for CFMX

Enhancing CFMX logging

Misc: Java Garbage Collection Tuning

Java Performance Tuning

SeeFusion  ::  ColdFusion Server Monitoring

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